What Makes home

It’s #micasamonday If there was a fire, this would come with me! (Of course my family would be first...this second) Not because it’s expensive but because it’s priceless! Many, many years ago, after a visit to the @executivesurfcluband being entertained by all the writings on the wall, I came home and decided this plain decor piece was the perfect canvas for my graffiti wall! So it started, as friends and family would gather for parties and get togethers, sharpie pens were near so they could sign, leave a note or draw a picture. Many have grown and have families of their own, some have passed...so many memories all held in one place. It hangs in the living room in this weird space between the book shelves. Surrounded by old photos, the silver champagne coupes from our wedding, my parent’s and grandparent’s wedding picture, a marble piece of the original fireplace, Hummel figures from a dear friend, trinkets and small art pieces from vacations, a dried flower from my best friend’s casket, pottery my kids have made, cement baby heads from ‘the fields’... it feels like the perfect spot. The shelves are filled with anything, big or small, that means something or holds special memories. All safely placed on a shelf behind glass. It’s crazy. It’s messy. It’s beautiful. It’s us. Don’t be afraid to fill your home with things you love & make you smile.