The Patio

It’s #micasamonday This is my favorite spot in the morning to just breathe. We built the arbor after tearing down a horrible lattice patio, replaced the plain cement with natural stone and filled it with RH patio furniture we’ve owned for over 10 years! They’re covered in RH @perennialsfabrics outdoor fabric. The day bed in the background is over 20 years old! When our middle daughter was born, we needed a place to chill while the two oldest played in the pool—best idea ever!!!!! It’s covered in the same Perennials fabric and has always been exposed to the weather! All the outdoor furniture was recovered 4 years ago when we moved to our new house and the bed was painted. It’s not even an outdoor bed but does have outdoor cushion stuffing. Buy quality and you’ll never have to buy again. Reuse, repurpose and’s good for our planet and our souls.