It’s #micasamonday My favorite spot in our home is the entryway. This pic actually became the front of my business card. The walls were lime green and carpet covered the stairs. Painting this room became a huge ordeal and refinishing the wood stairs was a smart decision. It has a beautiful stained glass skylight and glass front doors so the natural light makes it a great spot for selfies in the large leaning mirror. It’s my go to place for decorating and placing the cake for parties since it’s the first thing you’ll see when you walk in. The tablescape changes with my mood. Occasionally it’s filled with items waiting to go to the shop. Sometimes it’s filled with flowers, most of the time it’s branches from our eucalyptus trees. Last Christmas, it was the only room that was decorated...and I was ok with that. Make life easy on yourself by making your entryway the one spot that is always put together for receiving guest and friends.